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Hawk harriers take 1st, 3rd in night run

by Staff Reports | September 12, 2023 at 6:00 a.m.
Courtesy photographs Lady Blackhawk Paisley Tillman came in 14th place with a time of 14:55.32 in the Take Flight "Night" Invitational in Rogers Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023.

The Pea Ridge Blackhawk cross country runners participated in the Take Flight, "Night" 5K for high school and 3.2K for junior high Invitational in Rogers on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023.

The Pea Ridge varsity boys won first place; the Lady Blackhawk varsity took third place. In junior high, the girls' team took sixth place and the boys' team took eighth place.

Several individual Blackhawk runners earned medals for their performances.

Junior high girl Paisley Tillman came in 14th in the pack of 160 runners. Junior high boy Colin Slocum came in ninth in a pack of more than 240 runners.

In senior high, Tian Grant came in first place with a time of 16:50.72. Other Blackhawks running well were Troy Ferguson, third, 17:35.59; Cruz Porter, eighth, 18:53.26; and Camren Smith, 11th, 19:06.04.

In the girls' run, Lady Blackhawks RyLee Raines, fourth, 22:13.79; and Brenna Walker, 10th, 24:19.37 were in the top 10.



2 miles JH/MS (12 teams)

1^Ramay Jr. High School^40

2^Woodland Jr. High School^56

3^Elmwood Middle School^70

4^Farmington High School^115

5^Siloam Springs schools^184

6^Pea Ridge Jr. High^197

7^Elkins High School^206

8^Haas Hall Academy^208

9^Kirksey Middle School^224

10^Gravette High School^230

11^Lakeside (Springdale) Jr. High^292

12^Lingle Middle School^329

5,000 meters HS (6 teams)

1^Gravette High School^

2^Providence Classical Christian^

3^Pea Ridge High School^70

4^Green Forest High School^83

5^Siloam Springs schools^90

6^Elkins High School^143


2 miles JH/MS (15 teams)

1^Gravette High School^49

2^Ramay Jr. High School^52

3^Woodland Jr. High School^99

4^Siloam Springs schools^129

5^Elmwood Middle School^134

6^Kirksey Middle School^149

7^Farmington High School^172

8^Pea Ridge Jr. High School^209

9^St. Joseph Catholic School, Fayetteville^253

10^Elkins High School^323

11^Thaden School^329

12^Lakeside (Springdale) Jr. High School^346

13^Haas Hall Bentonville^372

14^Haas Hall Academy^399

15^Lingle Middle School^413

5,000 meters HS (11 teams)

1^Pea Ridge High School^55

2^Providence Classical Christian^68

3^Ozark Catholic^78

4^Farmington High School^127

5^Greenland High School^146

6^Green Forest High School^164

7^Haas Hall Academy^180

8^Thaden School^187

9^Gravette High School^212

10^Haas Hall Bentonville^231

11^Elkins High School^289



JH/MS 2-mile Run

14^Paisley Tillman^Pea Ridge Jr. High^14:55.32

34^Lucy Sessions^Pea Ridge Jr. High^15:51.96

49^Georgia Spears^Pea Ridge Jr. High^16:33.78

57^Makayla Taylor^Pea Ridge Jr. High^16:57.73

100^Journey Murry^Pea Ridge Jr. High^18:35.54

104^Ada Lark^Pea Ridge Jr. High^18:42.93

136^Isabella Thaxton^Pea Ridge Jr. High^20:29.39

149^Anna Adkins^Pea Ridge Jr. High^21:14.16

158^Keely Richards^Pea Ridge Jr. High^22:36.83

166^Tennisie Tilton^Pea Ridge Jr. High^24:05.33

HS 5K Run

4^RyLee Raines^PRHS^22:13.79

10^Brenna Walker^PRHS^24:19.37

21^Emily Scott^PRHS^26:30.35

33^Lillie Coles^PRHS^28:05.00

26^Zoey Hinojosa^PRHS^29:05.24

37^Ava Pippin^PRHS^29:31.01

40^Ashlyn Henson^PRHS^30:51.89

41^Raelynn Raines^PRHS^31:13.22

44^Marlow Kelly^PRHS^32:51.47

45^Leah Atkins^PRHS^32:56.27

64^Genna Brouhard^PRHS^41:21.37


JH/MS 2-mile Run

9^Colin Slocum^Pea Ridge Jr. High^12:34.04

45^Nate Ogburn^Pea Ridge Jr. High^13:38.75

46^Sawyer Bowen^Pea Ridge Jr. High^13:39.32

53^Gavin Ora^Pea Ridge Jr. High^13:48.47

78^J.D. Frazier^Pea Ridge Jr. High^14:14.36

100^Kaden Thurman^Pea Ridge Jr. High^14:54.48

104^Hudson Winkley^Pea Ridge Jr. High^14:56.14

116^Trenton Russell^Pea Ridge Jr. High^15:16.01

120^Jackson Coco^Pea Ridge Jr. High^15:23.32

132^Justin LeRoux^Pea Ridge Jr. High^15:49.37

139^Cash David^Pea Ridge Jr. High^16:01.01

143^Eli Baker^Pea Ridge Jr. High^16:05.36

154^Rhett Sorenson^Pea Ridge Jr. High^16:30.63

169^Brandon Jacobson^Pea Ridge Jr. High^16:56.69

181^Richard LeRoux^Pea Ridge Jr. High^17:18.56

191^Cole Bowie^Pea Ridge Jr. High^17:39.35

198^Del Draper^Pea Ridge Jr. High^17:59.03

200^C.J. Hambrick^Pea Ridge Jr. High^18:05.93

204^Luke Wheeless^Pea Ridge Jr. High^18:24.80

212^Tucker Brown^Pea Ridge Jr. High^18:58.85

214^Xander Woods^Pea Ridge Jr. High^19:01.34

215^Noah Faulkinberry^Pea Ridge Jr. High^19:01.64

219^Jacob Taylor^Pea Ridge Jr. High^19:18.11

229^Jude Smith^Pea Ridge Jr. High^19:57.68

236^Kahle Christenson^Pea Ridge Jr. High^21:08.39

238^Everett Brouhard^Pea Ridge Jr. High^21:13.37

239^Finn Minardi^Pea Ridge Jr. High^21:18.80

245^Connor Mahurin^Pea Ridge Jr. High^26:13.88

246^Sawyer Rowlee^Pea Ridge Jr. High^26:29.96

HS 5K Run

1^Tian Grant^PRHS^16:50.72

3^Troy Ferguson^PRHS^17:35.59

8^Cruz Porter^PRHS^18:53.26

11^Camren Smith^PRHS^19:06.04

33^Zachary Etzkorn^PRHS^21:06.12

38^Ryan Lewis^PRHS^21:28.36

45^Parker Tillman^PRHS^22:37.00

46^Isaac Cruz^PRHS^22:45.13

57^Preston Wheeless^PRHS^23:57.97

66^Davis Tenney^PRHS^24:49.21

72^Talon Chafin^PRHS^25.44:32

77^Boston Powell^26:29.65

84^Sammy Wilkerson^PRHS^27:40.33

88^Drake Satterwhite^PRHS^28:06.25

95^Trysten Simonds^PRHS^31:14.41

photo Courtesy photographs Blackhawk Colin Slocum came in ninth place with a time of 12:34.04 in the Take Flight "Night" Invitational in Rogers Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023.
photo Courtesy photographs The Pea Ridge Lady Blackhawk cross country runners took third place in the Take Flight "Night" Invitational in Rogers Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023.
photo Courtesy photographs Pea Ridge Lady Blackhawks Brenna Walker and RyLee Raines came in the top 10 in the Take Flight "Night" Invitational Tuesday. Walker came in 10th with a time of 24:19.37 and Raines came in fourth with a time of 22:13.79.
photo Courtesy photographs The Pea Ridge Blackhawk cross country boys team won the championship of the Take Flight "Night" Invitational in Rogers Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2023.

Print Headline: Hawk harriers take 1st, 3rd in night run


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