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What is the cost of a cell phone?

by Annette Beard | March 14, 2023 at 11:25 a.m.
Annette Beard/Pea Ridge TIMES One cost about which students learned in the Game of Life was owning a cell phone and subscribing to internet. For more photographs, go to the PRT gallery at

More than 75 Middle School students played the "Game of Life" learning about real-life skills recently.

"We think it is a fun event where the students get to start learning life skills of budgeting and decision making," said principal Rebecca Allen. "It is eye opening to most students of how much different things that they take for granted cost. We hope this helps them appreciate what they have around them a little more and help think through decisions around them more.

Allen said Carri Snyder, one of the sixth-grade math teachers, came up with the idea last year during some math lessons that turned to explaining budgets. So they started the family event last year and then our Family Engagement team took the idea and made it even bigger this year.

There were some community members joining the school staff to help with the fun.

"We had a realtor, child care provider, pharmacist and technology director join us," Allen said, explaining that examples of what they did was that we had a booth like "housing" where the students had to pick which type of housing they would want to spend money on. She said the realtor helped explain the different kinds. The childcare provider helped at the booth where they spun the wheel for how many children they had and had to pay for childcare costs.

Print Headline: What is the cost of a cell phone?


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