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Home businesses OKd

by Annette Beard | March 14, 2023 at 11:30 a.m.

One item planned for the public hearing of the Planning Commission was tabled as certified receipts were not available.

Two home occupation requests were presented. One was presented by Greg Pickens a member of the Planning Commission, who recused himself from the vote on that item.

Pickens said he has two business on which he works at home and already has a home occupation permit for one of them, a firearms business. He said the other business is ecommerce and it is "extremely small, just a little side gig" for which he wanted to have an LLC. He said he also works a full-time job. Pickens said the address is 2105 Gen. Franz Sigel Dr.

Jonathan Hawes presented a request for Blue Mountain Threas to be operated at 1922 Woodhouse Circle. He said it is an eBay selling site and he has a full-time job. He said it is a hobby and will not require employees nor many shipments.

The request by Epic Life for a conditional use permit by Jake McCandless for 590 S. Curtis Ave. was tabled.

Commissioners asked Pickens if he would install items on the off-road vehicles in his driveway. He said he would not but would do so in a shop owned by a relative that is not inside the city limits.

In answering questions from Dr. Karen Sherman, Pickens said his owner business has been operating since 2015 and is a firearms business.

Planning director Jessica Grady said she would make sure information is changed for the current address.

In other business, planners approved:

A lot split for Scott and Jennifer Trammell for 2496 Christina Circle;

The large scale development plan for urgent care for Schumacher Farms at Sugar Creek LLC, 2103 Slack St.; and

Agreed to send an updated master bike and pedestrian plan to the City Council.

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