Full agenda on tap for Council

Several items of business will be presented to the City Council at the regular meeting Tuesday, March 21.

Four items are from the Fire Department and two are from the superintendent of the Water Utilities Department.

Council members will consider the city joining the state retirement system, Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System -- APERS.

Mayor Nathan See will present a request concerning the old water tower and will give his State of the City address.

Items on the agenda include:

Fire Chief Clint Bowen, Fire Department parking lot;

Fire Chief Clint Bowen, new ambulance;

Res. 500, Fire Department standard operating procedure for promotional exam and qualifications;

Utility easement Hazelton Road Apartments, KMW Properties LLC;

Water superintendent Ken Hayes, other easements;

Water superintendent Ken Hayes, Two-Ton increase;

Res. 501, update facilities manual, Water superintendent Ken Hayes;

Res. 498, School Resource Officer Memorandum of understanding;

Police Chief Lynn Hahn, new SRO officers;

Res. 499, bicycle and pedestrian master plan;

Ord. 790 APERS;

Old Water Tower;

Ord. 789, Pea Ridge City Library; and

Mayor Nathan See, State of the City address.

The meeting will begin with an opportunity for public comments, limited to three minutes per speaker. In adopting the rules and procedure for the City Council meetings the first of the year, council members agreed to add an opportunity for public comment limited to three minutes per person for no more than 20 minutes total.

The meeting is open to the public.

The agenda is subject to change.

Items were to be discussed in a work session with the Council acting as a Committee of the Whole Tuesday, March 14.