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Blackhawks take 1st; Lady Hawks take 2nd

by From Staff Reports | March 14, 2023 at 9:00 a.m.

Gravette Running Festival

The Pea Ridge Blackhawk track team earned first place in the Gravette Running Festival Friday, March 10, with more than twice as many points as the second-place team, Providence Classical Christian Academy.

Several Blackhawk runners won firsts including Evan Escajeda in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, Hunter Singh in the 400-meter dash, Troy Ferguson in the 800-meter run, Grandon Grant in the 1,600-meter run and Owen Harris in the 300-meter hurdles.

Two relay teams placed first.

The team comprised of Troy Ferguson, Zachary Etzkorn, Tian Grant and Grandon Grant earned first in the 4 by 400-meter relay.

The team comprised of Owen Reynolds, Trey Bounds, Jacob Stein and Zachary Etzkorn earned first in the 4 by 800-meter relay.


1) Pea Ridge High School 158

2) Providence Classical Christian 76

3) Founders Classical Academy 54

4) Gravette High School 43

5) Greenland High School 41

6) Gentry High School 25

7) Haas Hall Bentonville 17

8) West Fork High School 9

9) Thaden School 5


100-meter dash

1 Evan Escajeda^11.95

2 Hunter Singh^12.01

3 Amarion Williams^12.28

15 Jackson Turner^12.59

16 Nick Reiter^12.67

23 Levi Brightwell^13.07

24 Mason Wolfenden^13.10

25 Parker Tillman^13.14

26 Seth Foster^13.15

30 Noah Pruitt^13.38

31 Preston Wheeless^13.41

35 Austin Bratti^13.88

38 Conner Nunley^13.94

39 Julian Council^14.09

200-meter dash

1 Evan Escajeda^24.22

2 Hunter Singh^24.13

14 Amarion Williams^25.93

17 Phoenix Edmisson^26.14

18 Levi Brightwell^26.15 1

20 Harper Geren^26.41

21 Isaac Cruz^26.48

24 Preston Wheeless^27.02

27 Cole Anders^27.23

30 Seth Foster^27.67

31 Conner Nunley^27.89

36 Austin Bratti^28.41

38 Nikolas Galbraith^28.59

39 Julian Council ^28.60

400-meter dash

1 Hunter Singh^55.14

3 Jackson Turner^56.33

6 Parker Tillman^57.64

7 Owen Reynolds^58.97

8 Noah Pruitt ^58.47

9 Harper Geren^58.86

10 Isaac Cruz^59.20

11 Phoenix Edmisson^59.36

21 Nikolas Galbraith^1:04.86

27 Drake Satterwhite^1:07.15

800-meter run

1 Troy Ferguson^2:04.97

2 Tian Grant^2:06.47

8 Trey Bounds^2:19.94

14 Noah Pruitt^2:27.89

19 Camren Smith^2:36.49

22 Davis Tenney ^2:44.71

1,600-meter run

1 Grandon Grant^4:54.18

10 Camren Smith^5:27.51

16 Davis Tenney^6:12.61

3,200-meter run

2 Jacob Stein^11:20.76

110-meter hurdles

2 Owen Harris^20.16

300-meter hurdles

1 Owen Harris^46.68

4 Cole Anders ^50.61

6 Wyatt Dodson ^52.51

8 Mason Wolfenden^53.99

4x100-meter relay

3 PRHS^49.68

(Seth Foster, Conner Nunley, Nick Reiter, Cole Anders)

4x200-meter relay

4 PRHS^2:04.25

(Bobby Martin, Nikolas Galbraith, Austin Bratti, John Harr)

4x400-meter relay

1 PRHS^3:46.35

(Troy Ferguson, Zachary Etzkorn, Tian Grant, Grandon Grant)

4x800-meter relay

1 PRHS^3:46.35

(Owen Reynolds, Trey Bounds, Jacob Stein, Zachary Etzkorn)

The Lady Blackhawk track team earned second place in the Gravette Running Festival Friday, March 10, behind the Gravette Lady Lions.

Several Lady Blackhawk runners were in the top five in their events including Evelyn Hernandez and Lacy Williams in the 100-meter dash with fourth and fifth respectively; RyLee Raines and Emily Scott, third and fifth respectively, in the 1,600-meter run; and Trinity Fox earning fourth place in the 100-meter hurdles and fifth place in the 300-meter hurdles.

Two relay teams took first place. The team comprised of Lacy Williams, Ava Clark, Evelyn Hernandez and Trinity Fox won first place in the 4 by 100-meter relay. The team comprised of Harley Ingram, Emily Scott, RyLee Raines and Ava Pippin won first place in the 4 by 800-meter relay.


1) Gravette High School 103

2) Pea Ridge High School 71

3) Providence Classical Christian Academy 62

4) West Fork High School 58

5) Founders Classical Academy 41

5) Greenland High School 41

7) Thaden School 13

8) Gentry High School 8

9) Haas Hall Bentonville 5


100-meter dash

4 Evelyn Hernandez^14.21

5 Lacy Williams^14.33

9 Raelynn Raines^14.83

11 Ava Clark^14.96 2

13 Brylee Hardy^15.10

19 Kayla Madsen^15.94

23 Ava Pippin^16.21

26 Hailey Muller^16.73

200-meter dash

7 Lacy Williams^31.50

10 Raelynn Raines^32.32

12 Ava Clark^32.41

17 Kayla Madsen^33.06

22 Brylee Hardy^33.30

23 Kylee Tidwell^33.51

27 Hailey Muller^37.44

400-meter dash

6 Raelynn Raines^1:09.27

10 Evelyn Hernandez^1:14.13

13 Kayla Madsen^1:16.93

16 Hailey Muller^1:22.75

17 RyLee Raines^1:26.44

800-meter run

18 Sarah Peterson^3:56.19

1,600-meter run

3 RyLee Raines^6:05.44

5 Emily Scott^6:24.67

8 Harley Ingram ^6:30.73

15 Kylee Tidwell^7:42.29

17 Sarah Peterson^8:33.94

100-meter hurdles

4 Trinity Fox^19.61

12 Brylee Hardy^22.07

300-meter hurdles

5 Trinity Fox^59.48

6 Ava Pippin^59.92

4x100-meter relay

1 PRHS^56.03

(Lacy Williams, Ava Clark, Evelyn Hernandez, Trinity Fox)

4x200-meter relay

2 PRHS^1:58.74

(Evelyn Hernandez, Ava Clark, Trinity Fox, Lacy Williams)

4x400-meter relay

3 PRHS^5:02.62

(Emily Scott, Harley Ingram, RyLee Raines, Ava Pippin)

4x800-meter relay

1 PRHS^11:51.02

(Harley Ingram, Emily Scott, RyLee Raines, Ava Pippin)

Print Headline: Blackhawks take 1st; Lady Hawks take 2nd


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