Recollections: News from years gone by


50 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic

Vol. 8 No. 4

Thursday, Jan. 25, 1973

The Pea Ridge Elementary School has undergone its annual evalution by the State Department of Education and has again been awarded the maximum rating: an "A." Superintendent Roy Roe told the School Board there was not a single. mark against the school on its evaluation.

The City of Pea Ridge will use more than half of its revenue sharing money for 1972 to pay off the balance of an $11,000 debt for street repair work done in 1972. An undetermined amount of the balance will be used for remodeling and redecorating City Hall. The revenue sharing money for 1972 was $16,155, according to Mayor Jack Musteen.

Carl Baggett, president of the Bank of Pea Ridge, was appointed as a member of the Planning Commission joining Mrs. Golda Calvin, Jerry Wilkerson and Jay Hale, chairman.

40 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Graphic-Scene

Vol. 18 No. 4

Wednesday, Jan. 26, 1983

Formal notice that Benton County must proceed with reassessment must be sent to the county and the first action taken in line with that notice is the setting of a county meeting for Feb. 2 by County Judge A.E. Norwood.

Polices governing police officers and their practices came under review by the Pea Ridge City Council in a called meeting Thursday night.

Pea Ridge District 109 School Board members were asked at Monday night's regular board meeting to contact Rep. Clayton Little and Sen Joe Yates to express their opinions of Senate Bill 177, which school superintendent Roy Roe says"takes away the authority of the local school boards."

With the deadline passed Jan. 21, only one candidate has filed for the opening on the Pea Ridge Board of Education. Kent Webb filed for re-election to a five-year term.

30 Years Ago

Pea Ridge Country Times

Vol. 28 No. 4

Thursday, Jan. 28, 1993

The Winton Spring house, an early 20th Century structure near the beginning of the Pea Ridge National Military Park tour road, will be razed early this year, said park superintendent Steve Adams.

The Pea Ridge School Board and a former elementary school principal have settled a lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed amount. Former principal Paul Terry claimed sexual discrimination, breach of contract and violation of the Arkansas Teacher Fair Dismissal Act in federal court. He was fired in May 1991.

Pea Ridge Scott Hi-Q team coach Wade Kniseley remains optimistic following last week's disappointing score in the opening contest.

20 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 38 No. 4

Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2003

Mayor Jackie Crabtree, city officials and interested volunteers set up working committees to begin the process for planning for the long-range future of Pea Ridge at the first "Visions" meeting of the year. About 20 people attended the meeting.

Quick thinking by Pea Ridge patrolman Darin Wright may have stopped a series of vehicle break-ins. After reports of several thefts from cars on Park Circle, Wright noticed something did not look right in a vehicle as he patrolled that street at 11:38 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14. When he checked, he found two people trying to steal the car stereo.

Billy Clark grew up in the Pea Ridge School District and is now the School Board president. Clark loves his town and his school district.

10 Years Ago

The TIMES of Northeast Benton County

Vol. 48 No. 4

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013

"Bang," a 15-year-old boy said as he pointed his finger at a classmate at lunch at Pea Ridge High School. That imitation of shooting, along with previous threats, sent far through the 15-year-old at whom it was aimed and launched an investigation by school officials and police.

Beer is for sale at EZ Mart. Just hours after John Desadier, zone manager for EZ Mart, presented his state permit to sell beer to Pea Ridge city officials and the police department, a truck from AB Distributors pulled into the parking lot with beer to deliver.

Colors Day maids for 2013 were Natalie Flippo, Bailey Lessenberry, Hannah Pearson, Diana Salazar, Emmi Terchov, Brittney Thomas and Kristian Kay Wing.