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FFA Eighth Grade

March 7, 2018 at 5:00 a.m.

Pea Ridge FFA

Eighth grade

Justin Blount

Hey my name is Justin Blount. My parents are Jeremy and Sam Blount and my other mom is Nikki Gurbino.

I like Ag because I can take the stuff I learn in Ag and use it to help me start my own farm and I also like it because it really interests me because I love learning about farm life and knowing how to run a farm or help other people if they do not know how to help a sick cow, calf, bull, steer and some horses like colts, foals and the adult horses. I like going to the state fairs and I want to judge livestock here later on in my Ag life. I can also take what I learn in Ag class to help my dad on the farm so if he is gone. Then I can do it by myself without him helping me.

Delaney Busby

Hi, my name is Delaney Busby. My parents' names are Don and Lynn Busby.

I like about Ag is doing projects on animals, the judging animals.

Why I am in Ag is because I want to maybe be a vet someday. Ag will help me become a vet to help sick animals. My mom was in Ag. She's taken all of the Ag classes. I am in Mr. Mason's Ag class.

Evan Ford

Hi my name is Evan Ford.

My parents' name is Jaema Ford.

I like being in Ag because of the field trips and the wood shop. In two years I will have a chance of being a welder and well when I am older I will be a deep sea diver welder. The type of welding will make a lot of money when I am older. According to commercial divers and global statistics, the average underwater welding salary is $53,990 annually and $25.96 per hour. However, most incomes float around $25,000 -- $80,000. Diver welders in the top 10 percent make $83,730 while the bottom 10 percent pull in$30,700. I will also try to ride BMX. I like that sport and that is how I want to live when I am older.

A.D. Gamez

A.D. Gamez's parents are Reynaldo and Sandra Gamez. I'm in Mr. Mason's eighth-grade Survey of Agriculture systems class, he gives us a good idea of what agriculture really is in the real world. There are about 23 to 30 student classes of people that want to learn about this subject. This class is pretty dang fun when you are in it and hands-on. This is a great journey to take in life. Things in the shop are very fun and to work in with your partner or groups. Agriculture is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. This is a cool class to be in if you plan to be in an agriculture involved thing in future work.

Perla Guevara

My name is Perla Guevara. I am the daughter of Luis Guevara and Carmen Guevara. I like that in Ag class we learn all about animals and the correct names for livestock animals. I like this because I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up. Next year, I want to be in animal science. I am also in the Ag class because it gives me high school credit. The high school credit will be helpful because it will help me graduate once I am a senior. My brother is in soccer and he always had soccer, but I never really liked any sports. This Ag class is really fun and teaches me what I want to learn.

Mary Hargiss

My name is Mary Hargiss. I am the daughter of Elizabeth and Mike Hargiss and I am in Agriculture. Agriculture is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products. I enjoy it because there are a lot of interactive activities and you don't learn stuff everyday from any other class, it's something different and fun.

Mason Hart

Hello, my name is Mason Hart. My parents' names are Melanee Lundquist and Rob Hart. Some of the main reasons I like Ag is it teaches us about the idea of agriculture and different types of agriculture. Another reason I like being in Ag is that it spreads into different types of Animal Science and Ag Mechanics, and you can learn so much from being in Ag. I am in Ag because I plan on taking over my dad's bricklaying business if or when he retires.

Paige Martindale

Paige Martindale is the daughter of Jamie Willis and Tony Martindale.

What I like about this class is making new friends. I also like when we build things with our partners, to me the teamwork is fun. I like learning about different farm animals, too.

I joined Agriculture because I thought it'd be fun to learn about animals and get to know people who had things in common with me. At the first of the year I thought taking agriculture would be easy and I was right because it is if you get your work done. Overall agriculture is fun because I make many friends and the class is easy to take.

Caleb Neil

Caleb Neil is the son of Jeff and Heaven Neil.

In eighth-grade survey of Agriculture, Mr. Mason gives students a taste of what the Agriculture Career path will grow to be for my 22 other peers that are joining me in this journey to our adult lives. Mr. Mason spices things up with making assignments very interactive in return making things interesting and fun to do. I feel that eighth grade survey of agriculture really lets us students feel as a part of the agricultural community.

Joseph Peal

Hey my name is Joseph Peal, my parents' names are Kerry and Rodney Peal. The things that l like about Ag is that we have opportunities to go to places like the state fair and Bass pro. I also like the fact that as eighth-graders we can take votes on what the Pea Ridge Ag classes can do and that we can participate in actives that are mainly for high schools. I also like what we are doing right now which is building a tool box. I am in Ag because I want be a game warden and when I get done with school I want to own and work on a farm.

Wyatt Randall

My name is Wyatt Randall and I am the son of Johnny and Ashley Randall. I really like Ag because of all the field trips. I also really like Ag because I am into goats and poultry, and I think that taking Ag can help improve my knowledge of them. I am in Ag because when I'm older I want to become a poultry farmer.

Morgan Rae Satterlee

Hello my name is Morgan Rae Satterlee.

My parents are Scott Satterlee, and Susan Satterlee.

When I first joined Agricuture, it was exciting what I was getting into.

This class is exciting because, of what we do.

We learn about livestock, building, etc.

I am taking this class because, it leads into vet science.

I want to learn about animals and be a veterinarian when I finish college.

This class is good for me because I need to learn about animals and how to help them.

For other people, if they want to learn about building or livestock, this is a great class to take.

Gavin Spivey

Gavin Spivey is the son of Scott and Jennifer Spivey.

I am in Mr. Mason's 8th grade Survey of Agriculture and I really like this class, Mr. Mason is a really good teacher and I am glad I decided to take this class. What I really like about this class is we get to go work in the shop. Right now we are working on tool boxes and the one I am working on is coming out great. Another thing I really like about this class is the field trips we go on. Our first field trip we went to the Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair in Fort Smith, we got to go judge livestock and then we got to ride the rides at the fair for the rest of the day. Another favorite field trip we went on was the one to Bass Pro. When we went there I went Christmas shopping for my family and then we went to Lambert's and ate lunch. I really like this class and I look forward to take another Agriculture class next year.

Dalton Sterling

Hi my name is Dalton Sterling and my dad is Russell Sterling and my mom is Anita Sterling. The reason why I wanted to be in agriculture was because I want to be a game warden because I like the wild life and enjoy hunting. The reason why I like it is because me and my dad go to Missouri to hunt and I think that survey of agriculture is the best decision to achieving my goal.

Mariana Vargas

Hello, my name is Mariana Vargas. My parents' names are Roberto Vargas and Veronica Vargas. I like that FFA teaches me about animals and Mr. Mason is one of my favorite teachers. Also it gives me high school credit. I am in the FFA because I want to be in FFA mechanics next year. Another reason I am in FFA is because all my siblings were in sports and I'm not that good at sports and didn't make any of the teams this year. I felt like I needed something to keep me occupied. My siblings make fun of me because I'm in FFA, but I don't care. I feel like FFA represents Pea Ridge so I'm proud to be a part of it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my FFA class.

Holli Waterman

Hi! My name is Holli Waterman. My momma's name is Jeni Waterman and my dad's name is James Waterman. I like Ag because I want to be a veterinarian.

Leanna Wingett

Hi, my name is Leanna Wingett. My parents are Megan and Tanner Wingett. I like the Ag because I like the projects. Right now we are doing a project, we are making toolboxes for a project. I chose to be in the Ag because I like deer hunting and one day I am looking forward to being a game warden or a veterinarian and I love animals. My parents like deer hunting, too, and they take me deer hunting with them. My mom and dad shoot a deer each year when they go deer hunting. My mom loves hunting a lot and my parents also like fishing and they catch lots of fish when they go fishing. When my parents shoot a deer, my mom, normally cooks it. That is why I like Ag and why I chose to be in Ag.

Brianna Worley

Hey my name is Brianna Worley and my momma's name is Laura Voytek. The reason why I'm in Ag is because I want to learn more about farming and animals because when I get older I want to become a veterinarian and become a professional photographer of animals and people. I like eighth-grade Ag because we get to build cool stuff and we learn about all kinds of animals and you have options if you want to livestock judge or poultry. If I chose between Livestock judging and poultry I would pick poultry because if I want to be a veterinarian I would need to learn more about animals and poultry.

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